Mediation is a process where, with the assistance of a trained neutral mediator, parties in dispute attempt to reach a settlement that is reasonably acceptable to everyone. If successful, mediation can be cost-effective and far less time-consuming than litigation while, at the same time, removing the uncertainty and risk inherent in litigation. Today, more and more parties are incorporating mediation provisions in their commercial agreements, which may enable the parties to avoid litigation. In addition, many state and federal courts are directing parties to mediation after the commencement of a lawsuit.

Bart J. Eagle has served as a mediator in numerous types of disputes between parties, including complex commercial matters; labor and employment; insurance coverage, issues concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act; and clashes between and amongst cooperatives, condominiums, and their shareholders/owners. The deep perspective that Mr. Eagle has on the litigation process and the objectives of the parties involved when they approach mediation enables him to engage the parties in a constructive effort to resolve the dispute. Productive, quality discussions ensue, which enable the parties to develop a mutually acceptable solution for themselves.

Over the years, most mediations have taken place in person, with the parties, their attorneys, and the mediator present at one location. There is great value to the parties, while together in one room or separate rooms at a single location, while in caucuses with the mediator, being able to communicate directly with each other and the mediator. However, today, mediations are also conducted “virtually,” utilizing Zoom or other online platforms, where all parties and the mediator can participate from their offices or homes. Mr. Eagle is available to conduct mediations virtually where circumstances make that mode necessary or desirable.


Virtual Mediations

Mr. Eagle now offers virtual mediations, conducted over Zoom and other video and teleconferencing platforms.

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